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About the AIDS Research Institute at UCSF

The AIDS Research Institute coordinates and integrates all AIDS research activities at the University of California, San Francisco. We stimulate innovation and support interdisciplinary collaboration aimed at all aspects of the epidemic domestically and around the world. Bringing together hundreds of scientists and more than 50 programs from throughout the university and affiliated institutions, and working in close collaboration with affected communities, the ARI represents one of the premier AIDS research entities in the world.

The ARI also provides administration for the Laboratory of Clinical Virology.


The AIDS Research Institute's mission is to enhance the effectiveness of UCSF’s pioneering HIV enterprise, including research, care, and education.


The AIDS Research Institute seeks to end the HIV epidemic and leverage our experience to tackle underlying societal challenges and related medical conditions.

More about the ARI

ARI Fact Sheet PDF
ARI 2008 Program Report PDF


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