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The Breakthrough Fund for Policy Development:
AIDS Policy Research Center

Your gift to the AIDS Policy Research Center will continue the multidisciplinary research and analysis needed to enhance public policy formulation and resource allocation, ensuring that AIDS prevention and health services research have maximum impact. The policy center seeks to improve international, national, state, and local responses to challenges posed by the HIV/AIDS epidemic by conducting policy research and by facilitating progressive interaction between UCSF research and policy decision-making.

One critical component of these efforts is to ensure that the cutting-edge research conducted at UCSF and other institutions informs the policy and funding decisions of leaders locally, nationally, and internationally. Additionally, knowledge of public policy can guide our research to ensure that it remains applicable and relevant to the needs of decision-makers and leaders addressing the epidemic.

Click to make an online donation using your VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. You may make a gift in memory of someone who has died or to honor someone on a special occasion. An automatic confirmation of your gift will be sent to the e-mail address you provide, and a receipt for tax purposes will follow in the mail.


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