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ARI Director's statement on the tragic loss of Joep Lange

The worldwide community of those fighting the HIV/AIDS epidemic has lost a true leader with the death of Joep Lange in the senseless Malaysia Air disaster. Joep was a close colleague and friend of mine, and I especially miss him here at the International AIDS Conference where he was to play a leading role. Joep and I were both past presidents of the International AIDS Society, the convening body of the conference to which Joep was traveling with his close partner, Jacqueline van Tongeren, who was also lost. Joep during his entire career strove to increase HIV treatment access in resource-limited settings, especially in Africa and Asia. He was a refined and quiet person but was fierce and effective when confronting those who stood in the way of HIV care. He read widely, especially in fiction and humanities, and the two of us often exchanged the books we happened to be reading when we met at countless conferences we both attended. Joep leaves behind five daughters, and we mourn his death. That this was the result of mindless conflict should make us recommit to the better world that Joep worked so hard to advance.
Paul Volberding, Director
AIDS Research Instutute at UCSF

IAS statement on Uganda

With the impact of Uganda’s antihomosexuality law becoming increasingly evident and a new bill criminalizing transmission of HIV being passed in the Ugandan parliament last week, IAS has issued this statement.
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Willi McFarland wins ARI Teaching & Mentoring Award

Dr. Willi McFarland was recognized for his outstanding teaching and mentoring of HIV scientists by the ARI in its annual award.

New Cure Research Page

The ARI website now contains a resources page focused on research toward an HIV cure being conducted here and around the world.
Cure resources page

Intestinal bacteria may fuel inflammation and worsen HIV disease

Research in our Department of Experimental Medicine helps explain how inflammation worsens HIV disease.
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New ARI brochure

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Report-back from the International AIDS Conference

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
Sponsored by Community Consortium and area AETCs

The PRO-Men (Positive Reproductive Outcomes for Men) program of the Bay Area Perinatal AIDS Center was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle:

How men with HIV can safely become dads

By Erin Allday

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