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The AIDS Research Institute coordinates HIV and AIDS-related activities at the University of California, San Francisco. The ARI comprises more than 50 independent programs and laboratories and brings together hundreds of scientists from the professional schools at UCSF, University-affiliated hospitals and laboratories, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley.

A-Z List of All ARI Programs

Featured Program

The Division of Experimental Medicine, of which the AIDS Biology Program is an important component, shared its history, organization, and work, in a presentation. Read more.

Recently featured programs:
Elite Controller Research
Laboratory of Clinical Virology
Int'l HIV/AIDS Nursing Center
Pacific AETC

Programs by Category


Laboratory research focused on HIV immunology, virology, and vaccine development.

Clinical Care & Research

State-of-the-art patient care and patient-centered studies to improve treatment of HIV infection and its complications.


Research and interventions aimed at reducing the spread of HIV, focused on those who are HIV positive and on uninfected individuals and groups most at risk.


Thorough analysis of controversial issues surrounding HIV/AIDS and crafting of sensible, ethical, and humane AIDS policies.

Education & Training

Programs dedicated to information dissemination, skills building, and training the next generation of researchers and care providers in the fight against AIDS.


Programs aimed at facilitating international AIDS research and collaborative projects in countries throughout the world.

Women & Children

Research and patient care addressing HIV/AIDS as it affects women, infants, and children in particular.


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