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Welcome to the JFAR website!

Recognizing that networking and support are critical to the success of junior faculty doing research on HIV/AIDS, often isolated in their work in varied disciplines and dispersed over multiple locations, the UCSF AIDS Research Institute in 2005 created an organization called JFAR—the Junior Faculty AIDS Researchers group.

JFAR is run by two co-chairs, Nadia Roan and Sulggi Lee, and a steering committee, themselves members of the group. There are currently about 125 JFAR members, including assistant-level faculty, post-docs, fellows, and interns from throughout the four professional schools at UCSF—Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy—and the Graduate Division.

The group, with staff support from the ARI Scientist Services Manager, organizes events that appeal to the specific needs of our early-career HIV/AIDS researchers and clinician-scientists. Some of these are centered on specific skills-building; others are more socially oriented, focused on networking, planting seeds for collaboration, and learning from one another. JFAR offers members support in advancing their careers while maintaining work-life balance, and the JFAR co-chairs advocate on behalf of the group as members of the ARI Executive Committee.



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