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jfar networking

JFAR was created in recognition of the fact that networking and support are critical to the success of junior faculty doing research on HIV/AIDS, often isolated in their work in varied disciplines. Now you can click on links below to learn more about each other! For most JFARers, we have linked to their bio in UCSF Profiles. If you'd like to be linked to a different page, please contact Dave. Thanks.

Jennifer Babik, MD

Joelle Brown, PhD

Trevor Burt, MD

Carol Camlin, PhD, MPH

Adam Carrico, PhD

Marielle Cavrois, PhD

Gabriel Chamie, MD

Katerina Christopoulos, MD

Lynn Connolly, MD, PhD

Luke Davis, MD

Gilad Doitsh, PhD

Jonathan Fuchs, MD, MPH

Elvin Geng, MD

Meredith Greene, MD

Bryan Greenhouse, MD

Cristina Gruta, PharmD

Reena Gupta, MD

Jamal Harris, MD, MPH

Dennis Hartigan-O'Connor, MD, PhD

Hiroyu Hatano, MD, MHS

Megan Huchko, MD

Vivek Jain, MD

Julia James, DPhil, MSc

Sara Jeevanjee, MD

Mi-Suk Kang Dufour, PhD, MPH

Bittoo Kanwar, MD

Chris Keh, MD

Michelle Khan, MD, MPH

Sulggi Lee, MD, PhD

Sheri Lippman, PhD, MPH

Lianxing Liu, PhD

Jeffrey Milush, PhD

Meghan Morris, PhD, MPH

Sara Newmann, MD, MPH

Gabriel Ortiz, MD, PhD

Amanda Hutton Parrott, NP, MS

Susan Philip, MD, MPH

Satish Pillai, PhD

Greg Rebchook, PhD

Nadia Roan, PhD

Michael Rosenblum, MD, MPH

Ted Ruel, MD

Parya Saberi, PharmD, MAS

Glenn-Milo Santos, PhD, MPH

Hyman Scott, MD

Devi Sengupta, MD

Jae Sevelius, PhD

Nicolas Sheon, PhD

Judy Tan, PhD

Kelly Taylor, PhD, MSW, MPH

Patrick Unemori, MD

Katherine Van Loon, MD, MPH

Vincent Venditto, PhD

Chongyi Wei, DrPH, MA

Aurelia Williams, PhD

Sarah Woolf-King, PhD

Lauren Wong, PhD

Steve Yukl, MD



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