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JFAR Election Results

Dr. Satish Pillai has been elected the JFAR chair for 2011-2012. Satish is an assistant adunct professor of medicine in the Infectious Diseases Division at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center. He is a molecular and computational biologist whose research interests include determinants of viral sequence evolution in HIV and HCV infection. Satish takes over the helm from Dr. Jennifer Cocohoba, who has expertly chaired JFAR since 2009.

In addition, JFAR welcomes two new appointments to its Steering Commitee: Dr. Steven Yukl is currently an infectious diseases fellow whose research interests include mechanisms of latent infection of CD4+ T cells and new therapies to overcome obstacles to eradication of HIV. Dr. Devi Sengupta is an infectious diseases post-doctoral fellow in Douglas Nixon's lab in the Division of Experimental Medicine, where she has been studying T cell responses against human endogenous retroviruses in HIV-1 infection.

Congratulations to Drs. Pillai, Yukl, and Sengupta!



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