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Examining California’s Office of AIDS Health Insurance Premium Payment Program: Barriers and facilitators to establishing and maintaining comprehensive insurance coverage for Californians living with HIV/AIDS.
Valerie Kirby, Wayne Steward, and Emily Arnold, California HIV/AIDS Policy Research Centers 2015.

Articles by Steve Morin

Articles by Janet Myers

Articles by Edwin Charlebois

Articles by Wayne T. Steward

Articles by Tim Lane

Articles by Gertrude Khumalo-Sakutukwa

Routine Rapid HIV Screening in Six Community Health Centers Serving Populations at Risk.
Myers JJ, Modica C, Dufour MS, Bernstein C, McNamara K..
J Gen Intern Med. 2009 Aug 5.

High HIV Prevalence Among Men Who have Sex with Men in Soweto, South Africa: Results from the Soweto Men's Study.
Lane T, Raymond HF, Dladla S, Rasethe J, Struthers H, McFarland W, McIntyre J.
AIDS Behav. 2009 Aug 7.

Balancing science and community concerns in resource-limited settings: Project Accept in rural Zimbabwe.
Chingono A, Lane T, Chitumba A, Kulich M, Morin S.
Clin Trials. 2008;5(3):273-6.

A behavioral intervention reduces HIV transmission risk by promoting sustained serosorting practices among HIV-infected men who have sex with men.
Morin SF, Shade SB, Steward WT, Carrico AW, Remien RH, Rotheram-Borus MJ, Kelly JA, Charlebois ED, Johnson MO, Chesney MA; Healthy Living Project Team.
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2008 Dec 15;49(5):544-51.

Project Accept (HPTN 043): a community-based intervention to reduce HIV incidence in populations at risk for HIV in sub-Saharan Africa and Thailand.
Khumalo-Sakutukwa G, Morin SF, Fritz K, Charlebois ED, van Rooyen H, Chingono A, Modiba P, Mrumbi K, Visrutaratna S, Singh B, Sweat M, Celentano DD, Coates TJ; NIMH Project Accept Study Team.
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2008 Dec 1;49(4):422-31.

Building community partnerships: case studies of Community Advisory Boards at research sites in Peru, Zimbabwe, and Thailand.
Morin SF, Morfit S, Maiorana A, Aramrattana A, Goicochea P, Mutsambi JM, Robbins JL, Richards TA.
Clin Trials. 2008;5(2):147-56.

Receipt of prevention services among HIV-infected men who have sex with men.
Steward WT, Charlebois ED, Johnson MO, Remien RH, Goldstein RB, Wong FL, Morin SF.
Am J Public Health. 2008 Jun;98(6):1011-4.

Randomized Controlled Trial of a Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention for HIV-Positive Persons: An Investigation of Treatment Effects on Psychosocial Adjustment.
Carrico AW, Chesney MA, Johnson MO, Morin SF, Neilands TB, Remien RH, Rotheram-Borus MJ, Lennie Wong F; The NIMH Healthy Living Project Team.
AIDS Behav. 2008 Jul 15. [Epub ahead of print]

Sex, Risk and Responsibility: Provider Attitudes and Beliefs Predict HIV Transmission Risk Prevention Counseling in Clinical Care Settings
Myers JJ, Rose CD, Shade SB, Koester KA, Maiorana A, Malitz F, Steward WT, Morin SF.
AIDS Behav. 2007 Sep;11(5 Suppl):S30-8.

Predicting HIV Transmission Risk among HIV-Infected Patients Seen in Clinical Settings
Morin SF, Myers JJ, Shade SB, Koester K, Maiorana A, Rose CD.
AIDS Behav. 2007 Sep;11(5 Suppl):S6-16.

Implementation of HIV Prevention Interventions with People Living with HIV/AIDS in Clinical Settings: Challenges and Lessons Learned
Koester KA, Maiorana A, Vernon K, Myers J, Rose CD, Morin S.
AIDS Behav. 2007 Sep;11(5 Suppl):S17-29.

Effects of a behavioral intervention to reduce risk of transmission among people living with HIV: the healthy living project randomized controlled study
Healthy Living Project Team
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2007 Feb 1;44(2):213-21

Crime and Punishment: Is There a Role for Criminal Law in HIV Prevention Policy? PDF
This article was originally published in the Whittier Law Review.
Supplemental materials PDF

Missed Opportunities: Prevention with HIV-Infected Patients in Clinical Care Settings PDF

Expanding Access to HIV Care in California: Exploring Policy Options PDF

Abstinence Only vs. Comprehensive Sex Education: What are the Arguments? What is the Evidence? PDF

Designing Primary Prevention for People Living with HIV PDF

The Policy of AIDS Vaccines: Exploring Legislative Options for Advancing AIDS Vaccine Research and Delivery

Global Spending on HIV/AIDS: Tracking Public and Private Investments in AIDS Prevention, Care, and Research PDF

Discovering Global Success: Future Directions for HIV Prevention in the Developing World PDF

The Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Prevention in Developing Countries PDF

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