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prevention with positives resources

General Resources

Presentations made at the Special Research Meeting regarding Prevention with Positives Intervention Studies held in conjunction with the CDC's HIV Prevention Conference (July 2003)

Prevention with HIV Infected Persons Seen in Primary Care Settings. Initiative information and program guidance, U.S. DHHS, HIV/AIDS Bureau

CDC New Initiatives: Prevention Interventions with Persons Living with HIV. David W. Purcell PDF

HIV Strategic Plan Through 2005 CDC PDF

Prevention with Positives: A Guide to Effective Programs. California Department of Health Services, Office of AIDS (Word document)

Completing the Circle: Designing HIV prevention programs for persons of color with HIV. AIDS Partnership California

No Time to Lose: Getting More from HIV Prevention. Institute of Medicine

Secondary Prevention Research at NIMH. Christopher Gordon, Presented at the 2002 Ryan White Care Act Grantees Conference PPT

Executive Summary: No Time to Lose: Getting More from HIV Prevention. Institute of Medicine PDF

Designing Primary Prevention for People Living with HIV. APRC/CAPS monograph PDF

HIV Prevention in Treatment Settings: U.S. and International Research Priorities. NIMH priorities presentation from Barcelona International AIDS Conference (2002) PDF

HIV Prevention Case Management. Guidance, CDC PDF

Prevention with HIV Positive People: What Is It? How to Do It! Manual containing a variety of resources, 393 pages, U.S. Conference on AIDS Prevention with Positives Institute PDF

Individual Chapters

    Chapter 1: Prevention with Positives: Examples of Formative Research and Programs PDF

    Chapter 2: AIDS Partnership California Web Site Information PDF

    Chapter 3: HHS HIV Impact Newsletter: Prevention for Positives—Reducing Further Transmission of HIV/AIDS PDF

    Chapter 4: HRSA's TA Call Report—Serving HIV Positive Youth PDF

    Chapter 6: Effectiveness of an Intervention to Reduce HIV Transmission Risks in HIV-Positive People PDF

    Chapter 7: Designing Primary Prevention for People Living with HIV PDF

    Chapter 8 is not currently available.

    Chapter 10: Prevention with HIV-Infected Persons: Understanding Prevention Case Management PDF

    Chapter 12: Prevention with HIV-Infected Persons Project (PHIPP) Fact Sheets PDF

    Chapter 13: National Association of People with AIDS Inserts PDF

HIV Impact: Prevention for Positives—Reducing Further Transmission of HIV/AIDS. Office on Minority Health, U.S. DHHS PDF

The Body: Prevention for the HIV Positive

Long Beach HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention Needs Assessment Report. City of Long Beach, Department of Health and Human Services PDF

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