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A Randomized Control Trial to Reduce HIV Transmission Risk Behaviors and STDs among Women Living with HIV: The WiLLOW Program. Wingood et al., 2004 PDF

Prevention for Substance-Using HIV-Positive Young People: Telephone and In-Person Delivery. Rotheram-Borus et al., 2004 PDF

Clinician-Initiated HIV Risk Reduction Intervention for HIV+ Persons: Formative Research, Acceptability, and Fidelity of the Options Project. Fisher et al., 2004 PDF

Interventions for Seropositive Injectors—Research and Evaluation: An Integrated Behavioral Intervention with HIV+ IDUs to Address Medical Care, Adherence, and Risk Reduction. Purcell et al., 2004 PDF

Principles of HIV Prevention with Positives. NAPWA PDF

Are HIV Care Providers Talking with Patients about Safer Sex and Disclosure? Marks et al., 2002 PDF

New Challenges in HIV Care: Prevention among HIV-Infected Patients. Del Rio et al., 2003 PDF

Recommendations for Incorporating HIV Prevention into the Medical Care of Persons Living with HIV. Mayer, 2004 PDF

Effect of Brief Safer-Sex Counseling by Medical Providers to HIV-1 Seropositive Patients: A Multi-clinic Assessment. Richardson et al., 2004 PDF

Missed Opportunities: Prevention with HIV+ Patients in Clinical Care Settings. Morin et al., 2004 PDF

Delivery of HIV Prevention Counseling by Physicians at HIV Medical Care Settings in Four U.S. Cities. Metsch et al., 2004 PDF

Written Clinic Procedures Enhance Delivery of HIV "Prevention with Positives" Counseling in Primary Health Care Settings. Myers et al., 2004 PDF

Prevention Interventions with Persons Living with HIV/AIDS: Challenges, Progress, and Research Priorities. Gordon et al., 2004 PDF

Using Patient Risk Indicators to Plan Prevention Strategies in the Clinical Care Setting. Richardson et al., 2004 PDF

Prevention with HIV-Seropositive Men Who Have Sex with Men: Lessons from the Seropositive Urban Men’s Study (SUMS) and the Seropositive Urban Men’s Intervention Trial (SUMIT). Wolitski et al., 2004 PDF

Translation, Adaptation, and Synthesis of Interventions for Persons Living With HIV: Lessons from Previous HIV Prevention Interventions. Gandelman & Rietmeijer, 2004 PDF

HIV Care Providers and Prevention: Opportunities and Challenges. Mayer et al., 2004 PDF

Prevention for HIV+ Families. Rotheram-Borus et al., 2004 PDF

Principles of Positive Prevention. Auerbach, 2004 PDF

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