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Archive of posters presented by ARI scientists, listed below in reverse chronological order, may be viewed as PDF files.

Ryan White 2012 Grantee Meeting

Washington, DC, November 26–29, 2012

Khamarko K, Warren N, Bradley-Springer L, Donohoe T, Galper C, Tessman T, Phillips D, Wegman L, Palow D, Myera J. Evaluation of AETC UMBAST training delivered to U.S. ICE clinicians on continutiy of care.

National Summit on HIV and Viral Hepatitis Diagnosis, Prevention, and Access to Care

Washington, DC, November 26–29, 2012

Asher AK, Stein E, Cox A, Page K. Preparing for and conducting a successful HCV vaccine trial with injection drug users: The VIP Study.

Briceno A, Hayes B, Evans J, Hahn J, Page K. Acceptability and implications of rapid HCV testing among high risk young infection drug users.

DeCarlo P, Tilsner N, Asher AK, Simpson P, Baxter B, Page K. Young adults at risk for HCV: Meeting their needs through a model prevention program.

Koester K, Oseguera-Bhatnagar Y, Erguera X, D’Arata M, Francis D, Burack J, Dufour MS, Myers J. Building a culturally tailored PrEP demonstration program for young men who have sex with men of color.

American Heart Association 2012 Scientific Sessions

Los Angeles, CA, November 3–7, 2012

Chow F, Regan S, Feske S, Meigs J, Grinspoon S, Triant V. Increased incidence of Ischemic stroke in HIV-infected women in a clinical care cohort.

UCSF School of Dentistry Research & Clinical Excellence Day

San Francisco, CA, October 11, 2012

Yoon C, Davis JL, Musisi E, Byanima P, Kaswabuli S, Ssebunya R, Everett CK, Miller C, Worodria W, Ayakaka I, Huang L, Cattamanchi A. C-reactive protein response during the intensive phase of anti-tuberculosis therapy in a high HIV/TB prevalence setting.

140th American Public Health Association (APHA) Meeting

San Francisco, CA, October 27–31, 2012

Johnson K, Wilson E, McFarland W. Investigating resilience in light of HIV risk among trans-female youth.

Morris M, Grebely J, Rice T, Page K. Cohort profile: The international collaboration of incident HIV and hepatits C in injecting cohorts (InC3 Study).

Teti M, Binson D. Taking pictures to take control: Photovoice as a tool to facilitate empowerment among poor and racial/ethnic minority women with HIV/AIDS.

2012 CFAR Joint Symposium on HIV Research in Women

Providence, RI, September 18–20, 2012

Cuca Y, Webel A, Asher A, Kaihura A, Okonsky J, Rose C. The relationship between HIV stigma, social capital and marginalities in WLHIV.

Integration for Impact Conference

Nairobi, Kenya, September 12–14, 2012

Camlin C, Kwena Z. Low uptake of HIV voluntary counseling and testing (VCT) in a population at high risk of HIV transmission and acquisition: highly mobile women in the fish trade in Nyanza Province, Kenya.

Wekesa P, Njoroge B, Bukusi E, Cohen C, Mmeje O. The need for an integrated safer conception training program for HIV healthcare providers in an HIV care and treatment program in Kenya.

AIDS Vaccine 2012

Boston, MA, September 9–12, 2012

Fuchs JD, Frank I, Kochar N, Elizaga M, Allen M, Carter DK, Frahm N, Katams SA, Mulligan M, Sheets R, Pensiero M, Clarke D, Eldridge J. First-in-human phase 1 clinical trial of a recombinant vesicular stomatitis virus (rVSV)-based preventive HIV-1 vaccine.

Fuchs JD, Morgan C, Bart PA, Kochar N, Frahm N, Swann E, Gilbert P, De Rosa S, Graham B, Nabel G, Liao HX, Haynes B, Tomaras G. DNA and recombinant serotype 35 and 5 preventive HIV-1 vaccines with Env A inserts elicit cross-clade binding and V1V2 antibodies.

Volk J, Hessol N, Gray G, Kublin J, Churchyard G, Mlisana K, Nchabeleng M, Buchbinder S, Bekker L. HIV vaccine trial safety and retention among 18-20-year-olds in the HVTN 503/Phambill study support the inclusion of adolescents in future trials.

XIX International AIDS Conference

Washington, DC, July 22–27, 2012

Anglemyer A, Rutherford GW, Baggaley R, Egger M, Siegfried N. Antiretroviral therapy for prevention of HIV transmission in HIV-discordant couples: a systematic review of the observational literature.

Arnold E, Williams D, Blount E. HIV-related stigma and its impact on disclosure, testing, and treatment adherence among young African- American gay, bisexual, and transgender (GBT) individuals.

Beougher S, Mandic CG, Darbes L, Chakravarty D, Neilands T, Garcia C, C.C. Hoff. Reflecting on what comes before: Relationship dynamics and HIV risk differ among discordant gay male couples depending on HIV infection history.

Bowleg I, Burkholder G, Noar S, Teti M, Malebranche DJ, Tschann J, Massie J. The whos, whats, whens & wheres of sex: Low-income U.S. black heterosexual men's sexual scripts & HIV risk & protective behaviors.

Campbell C, Gomez A, Dworkin S, Wilson P, Grisham K, Neilands T, Chakravarty D, McReynolds J, Vielehr P, Hoff C. Health, trust, or "just understood": Implicit and explicit condom decision making processes among black, white and interracial same-sex male couples.

Carrico A, Jerome R, Moskowitz J. Psychological processes are independently associated with sexual compulsivity among MSM.

Castro D, Keatley J, Gutierrez-Mock L, Sevelius J, Rebchook G. Increasing transgender community capacity to impact HIV prevention and health care services.

Choi KH, Paul J, Ayala G, Boylan R, Gregorich S. Stress and coping with racism and HIV risk among African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Latino men who have sex with men(MSM).

Christopoulos K, Massey A, Lopez A, Hare C, Jones D, Johnson M, Pilcher C, Rose C. Patient perspectives on the experience of being newly diagnosed with HIV in the emergency department/urgent care clinic of a public hospital.

Couture MC, Sansothy N, Stein ES, Hahn J, Evans JL, Page K. Amphetamine-type stimulants and heavy alcohol use and associations with inconsistent condom use among clients of female sex workers in Cambodia: a pilot story.

Couture MC, Sansothy N, Stein ES, maher L, Evans JL, Sichan K, Page K. Binge use of amphetamine-type stimulants and exposure to violence among a cohort of women engaged in sex work in Cambodia.

Darbes L, Chakravarty D, Leddy A, Dladla S, de Bruyn G. Attitudes towards child and adults male circumcision among a community-based sample of heterosexual couples in Soweto, South Africa.

Darbes L, Chakravarty D, Leddy A, Dlala S, de Bruyn G. Sexual communication self-efficacy (SCSE) is a significant predictor of participation in couples-based voluntary counseling and testing (CBVCT) for HIV in Soweto, South Africa.

Dawson-Rose C, Kamitani E, Eng S, Lum P. Screening and brief intervention for unhealthy substance use in HIV primary care settings is associated with substance use reductions and viral suppression among PLWHIV in San Francisco, CA, USA.

Dokubo E, Evans J, Winkelman V, Cyrus S, Tobler L, Page K. Comparison of dried blood spots to serologic testing for detection of hepatitis C virus.

Dufour MK, Morewitz M, Packard R, Riker A, Myers J. The Navigator Project: Promoting engagement in care for an HIV-infected population leaving jail.

Evans J, Couture MC, Stein E, Maher L, Sansoth N, Page K. Biomarker validation of recent unprotected sexual intercourse in prospective study of young women engaged in sex work in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Gandhi M, Greenblatt R, Bacchetti P, Jin C, Huang Y, Cohen C, Dehovitz J, Anastos K, Gange SJ, Liu C, Hanson S, Aouizerat B. A single nucleotide polymorphism in CYP2B6 leads to >3-fold increases in efavirenz concentrations in intensive pharmacokinetic curves and hair samples.

Goldschmidt R, Neff S, Travieso-Palow D. Telephone consultation to support HIV prevention and care: the health resources and services administration (HRSA) – funded AETC warmline, PEPline and perinatal HIV hotline model.

Gomez AM, Campbell C, Wilson P, Grisham K, Dworkin S, Neilands T, Chakravarty D, Vielehr P, McReynolds J, Hoff C. Beyond daddies: Age assymetries, relationship power, and HIV risk among gay couples in the U.S.

Hoff C, Campbell C, Gomez A, Wilson P, Grisham K, Neilands T, Chakravarty D, Dworkin S. Three's a charm: Three-way sexual encounters promote safety for gay male couples.

Hoff C, Steward W, Ding X, Choi KH. HIV+ MSM in China lack emotional and educational resources to prevent HIV.

Hongjing Y, Haitao Y, Jianjun L, Chongi W, Xiaoyan L, McFarland W. Disparities in progression from HIV to AIDS and mortality among HIV-positive MSM.

Jain V, Byonanebye D, Muhaawe J, Kabami J, Black D, Clark T, Chamie G, Geng E, Thirumurthy H, Rooney JF, Charlebois E, Amanyire G, Havlir D, Kamya M. Patient attitudes toward initiating early antiretroviral therapy at high CD4+ cell counts above national guideline thresholds.

Kajula L, Sheon N, Vries H, Kaaya S, Aaro L. Understanding the nature of sexual health and HIV/AIDS communication between 12-16-year-old adolescents and their parents in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Kang Dufour M, Shade S, Myers J, Khamarko K, Wegman LR, Malitz F. Evaluation optimizes the responsiveness of HIV clinical training and capacity building programs delivered by the US Health Resources and Services Administration.

Kegeles S, Rebchook G, Huebner D, Peterson J, Johnson W, Pollack L, Williams R, Eke A. Understanding recent HIV testing among young black gay/bisexual men in the United States: Psychological, social/interpersonal, and structural variables affect who delays testing.

Koester K, Pearson C, Weeks J, Morewitz M, Ahlstrom C, Myers J. Facilitating engagement in care of recently released HIV-infected inmates: An ethnographic study of the San Francisco Navigator Project.

Lane T, Mantell J, Osman T, Sandfort T, Dunkle K, Kegeles S, Struthers H, McIntyre J. Switching on "After Nine": The duality of sexual indentity and partnerships among black MSM in rural South African towns.

Lane T, Osmand T, Struthers H, Dunkle K, Mantell J, Sandfort T, Kegeles S, McIntyre J. Health empowerment: Using targeted ethnography to adapt the Mpowerment Intervention for South African MSM.

Leddy A, Johnson M, Dladla S, Darbes L. South African couples' preferences for the delivery of a couples-based voluntary counseling and testing (CBVCT) intervention.

Lippman SA, Neilands TB, Maman S, MacPhail C, Twine R, Kahn K, Peacock D, Pettifor A. Community mobilization for HIV prevention: Conceptualization, development, and validation of a community mobilization measure in South Africa.

Malebranche D, Park B, Hussen S, Agans R, Kalsbeek B, Hogben M, Bowleg L. Condom use behaviors and HIV testing practices among a geographically diverse sample of black men in Georgia.

Marseille E, Korenromp E, Kahn J. The cost-effectiveness of adding a third HIV test in routine HIV testing to reduce the frequency of false positive test results in sub-Saharan Africa.

McReynolds J. A narrative study on resiliency among HIV-positive black women in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Mwesigwa J, Cohan D, Huang Y, Aweeka F, Plenty A, Charlebois E, Ruel T, Ades V, Clark T, Natureeba P, Achan J, Kamya MR, Havlir DV, Gandhi M. Lopinavir and efavirenz concetrations in hair samples as a marker of cumulative exposure among postpartum women and breastfeeding infants in Uganda.

Myers J, Shade S, Steward W, Chakravarty D, Koester K, Morin S. Integrated health information exchange (HIE) improves engagement in care, quality of care and coordination of care for people with HIV.

Myers J, Kang Dufour MS, Beal J, Warren N, Cook P, Bradley-Springer L, Koester K, Wegman L. Federal agencies collaborating to reach the community: Enhancing HIV testing im primary care settings through the Health Resources and Services Administration.

Osmand T, Sandfort T, Mantell J, Dunkle K, Kegeles S, Struthers H, McIntyre J, Lane T. Imagining community among MSM in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Packel L, Wright-De Aguero L, McLellan-Lemal E, Dunkle K, McCarthy E, Ndayongeje J, Prodell P, Mulenga J, Pongolani E, Keating R, Khondowe S. The interrelationship of food and housing insecurity and personal networks to women's vulnerability.

Page K, Stein E, Sansoth N, Evans J, Couture MC, Sichan K, Cockroft M, Mooney-Somers J, Phlong P, Maher L. High HIV and risk in Cambodian entertainment and sex workers: results from two prospective cohorts.

Paul JP, Boylan R, Ayala G, Gregorich S, Choi KH. HIV status unknown African-American, Asian/PI & Latino MSM: Self-perceived HIV status & sexual behavior.

Reyes EM, Wegman L, Wilcox R, Caldeira-Comvalius E. Building the HIV health workforce: Innovations from the United States and abroad through the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) AIDS Educaation and Training Centers (AETC) and the International Training and Education Center for Health (I-TECH).

Ruel T, Achan J, Huang W, Killian M, Sinclair E, Charlebois E, Li P, Cao H, Eller LA, Kamya M, Havlir D, Wong J. CXCR4-tropism and the preferential establishment of and HIV-reservoir in naïve CD4+ T-cells among HIV-infected Ugandan children.

Rutherford GW, Anglemyer A, Easterbrook P, Horvath T. The performance of serum cryptococcal antigen latex agglutination testing for diagnosis of cryptococcal meningitis: a systematic review.

Sevelius J, Castro D, Ventura A, Johnson M. Culturally relevant sexual risk reduction among high-risk transgender women.

Simeone C, Tattini A, Velez P. Viral suppression and retention in care in clients attending a methadone maintenance treatment program.

Sirengo M, Kimanga D, Nyunya B, Kim AA, Mirjahangir J, Kellogg TA, Rutherford GW, Ndisha M, Muraguri N. Evaluating Kenya's readiness to transition from sentinel surveillance to routine HIV testing for antenatal clinic-based HIV surveillance.

Spindler H, McCarthy E, Ntsuapel O, Kejelepula M, Schwarcz S. Using data for action: Example of an Excel:based tool to analyze HIV testing and counseling data for strategic program planning.

Tan J, Operario D, Pratto F. Racialized sexual politics? Sexual positioning and race-based attraction by preferences for social dominance among gay Asian/Pacific Islander men.

Teti M, Binson D. Photovoice to facilitate empowerment among poor and racial/ethnic minority women with HIV/AIDS.

Truong H, Mehrotra M, McConnell J, Fernandez T, Guanira J, Grant R. International sexual partnerships shaped by sexual histories and socioeconomic status.

Vallabhaneni S, Chandy S, Heylen E, Ekstrand M. Evaluation of the WHO immunologic criteria for treatment failure among adults on first line HAART in south India.

Vielehr P, Gomez A, Wilson P, McReynolds J, Campbell C, Dworkin S, Grisham K, Neilands T, Chakravarty D, Hoff C. Building magnetic love: Interactions of HIV status, stigma, and fear of transmission in HIV-discordant gay couples.

Warren N, Bernstein M, Reyes EM. Stigma and HIV testing: Measuring change among Pacific AIDS Education and Training Center's (PAETC) low prevalence providers.

Weber S, Waldura J, Cohan D. Safer conception options for HIV serodiscordant couples in the US: Experience of the national perinatal HIV hotline and Clinicians' Network.

Wei C, McFarland W, Colfax G, Fuqua V, Raymong HF. Reaching black men who have sex with men (MSM): A comparison between respondent-driven sampling (RDS) and time-location sampling (TLS).

Wilson E. The impact of trust, trauma, and competing priorities on access to care for transwomen living with HIV.

32nd International Congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)

Cancun, Mexico, June 7–12, 2012

Custer B, Goncalez T, Carvalho SM, Capuani L, Birch RJ, Leao S, Miranda C, Carneiro-Prioetti A, Johnson B, Wright DJ, de Almeida-Neto C, Murphy EL. Risk factors for HIB in Brazilian blood donors.

Goncalez TT, Miranda C, Schlumpf K, Wright DJ, Mendrone A, Proietti A, Lopes M, Ferreira N, Sampaio D, Lopes M, Capuani L, Sabino E, Custer B. Infectious disease markers in presenting donors deferred for higher risk behaviors in Brazil.

Goncalez TT, Moreno EC, Miranda C, Larsen NM, Wright DJ, Rocha PC, Leao S, Lopes MI, Oliveira CL, de Almeida-Neto C, Custer B, Sabino EC. Motivations for donating and test seeking among prospective blood donors in Brazil.


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