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Janet Myers, PhD, MPH

Janet Myers, PhD, MPH, is assistant professor of medicine and co-director of the AIDS Policy Research Center (APRC), a program of the AIDS Research Institute at UCSF. Dr. Myers serves as principal investigator of two projects funded by the US Health Resources and Services Administration. The first, the AIDS Education and Training Centers’ (AETC) National Evaluation Center, provides leadership in the development, design, testing, and dissemination of effective evaluation models to assess the effectiveness of AETC clinical education and training programs. The second, the Special Projects of National Significance Health Information Technology Evaluation and Support Center, supports the design, implementation, and evaluation of electronic network systems that permit the exchange of health information among providers at different points of service, thereby improving the continuity and quality of care.

Dr. Myers also serves as principal investigator of the strategic information component of the Eastern Caribbean Community Access Project, a USAID-funded project in four Eastern Caribbean countries to support prevention, development and use of strategic information, roll-out of community-based HIV counseling and testing, and provision of care services including case management and home-based care. Dr. Myers recently served as co-principal investigator on a study to assess the effectiveness of models of HIV risk reduction counseling for different populations and in different types of clinical settings. She is using this experience in her current work to design and test a set of HIV risk reduction training materials in the context of international clinical trials.

Prior to her work with the APRC, Dr. Myers served as director of research and evaluation for the National HIV/AIDS Clinicians’ Consultation Center at San Francisco General Hospital, as a research administrator and project officer for the UC Universitywide AIDS Research Program, as research consultant to the Ryan White CARE Act Title II health services and CDC–funded HIV prevention programs administered by the California State Office of AIDS, and as health policy analyst at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.


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