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Leslie H. Tobler, DrPH, MPH

Dr. Leslie Tobler has been since 1990 a staff scientist at Blood Centers of the Pacific as well as teacher of an upper-division course in hematology at San Francisco State University. Initially trained as a medical technologist at the Kantonsspital in St. Gallen, Switzerland, Dr. Tobler earned a DrPH degree in medical virology and immunology from the School of Public Health at UC Berkeley. She went on to complete post-doctoral fellowships at UCLA Medical Center, under the direction of Dr. David Imagawa; and at UCSF, where she studied under Dr. Jay Levy.

In the 1990s, Dr. Tobler published important articles on screening the blood supply for HIV, HIV-2, and Hepatitis C virus (HCV). In recent years, Dr. Tobler's work has focused exclusively on blood bank policy issues and the effective screening of blood donors for Hepatitis C infection. She was lead author of a published article in Transfusion dealing with the justification and rational implementation of HCV lookback on blood donors who were repeatedly reactive on first-generation hepatitis C virus enzyme immunoassays. In addition, she is currently principal investigator on a Blood Systems Foundation grant entitled "Correlates of Resolved versus Low-Level Viremic Hepatitis C Infection in Blood Donors."


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