Education and Training

The ARI is committed to fostering the careers of the next generation of HIV/AIDS researchers. Below and to the left are some of the centers and collaborations working towards that goal, and the training programs, funding mechanisms, and award options for investigators based here at UCSF.

Photo: Steve Babuljak

is one of 13 performance sites working under the umbrella of the Pacific AETC.

assists visiting professors to improve their research to reduce HIV/STI health disparities.

develops, organizes, and disseminates expert HIV knowledge.

provides access to comprehensive, affirming health services for trans communities.

builds the capacity of healthcare providers through consultation and education.

is reducing the burden of disease in the world's most vulnerable populations.

provides comprehensive, up-to-date expert information on HIV/AIDS.

is a global network to support development of health work forces and delivery systems.

is committed to research, education, and care of persons with HIV.

provides HIV prevention research training in resource-limited countries.

supports early-career investigators with events, resources, and networking.

provides leadership in the development and dissemination of evaluation models.

provides HIV/AIDS education to healthcare providers in the Southwest/Pacific US region.

trains postdoctoral fellows at CAPS for careers in AIDS prevention research.

is working to build a systemwide academic global health program across UC.

is a website providing HIV resources for women and children worldwide.