Junior Faculty AIDS Researchers

JFAR Co-chairs Nadia Roan (L) and Sulggi Lee

JFAR Co-chairs Nadia Roan (L) and Sulggi Lee. Photo by Elisabeth Fall.


The Junior Faculty AIDS Researchers (JFAR) was established in 2005 by the ARI to support early-career HIV/AIDS scientists. We recognized that networking and support were critical to the success of junior faculty conducting research on HIV/AIDS, often isolated in varied disciplines and dispersed over multiple locations. JFAR is run by two co-chairs, Nadia Roan and Sulggi Lee, themselves members of the group, which comprises some 130 assistant-level faculty, post-doctoral fellows and interns from throughout UCSF.

JFAR organizes events appealing to the group's specific needs. Some are centered on specific skills-building; others are more socially oriented, focused on networking, planting seeds for collaboration and learning from each other. JFAR offers members support in advancing their careers while maintaining work-life balance, and the co-chairs advocate on behalf of the group as members of the ARI Executive Committee.

Recent JFAR Events

February 2016: NIH Grants and Faculty Advancement, followed by networking
R01? R03? R21? How to choose the right funding mechanism, Tom Mitchell, MPH (Program Director, UCSF Dept of Epidemiology & Biostatistics)

Faculty advancement and promotion at UCSF, Ann Bolger, MD (Professor of Clinical Medicine, UCSF Dept of Medicine, Division of Cardiology) and Lynn Pulliam, PhD (Professor in Residence, UCSF Dept of Laboratory Medicine) Slides

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