• Research

    UCSF receives the most NIH research funding and HIV/AIDS research funding of any public institution in the US. We put those dollars to good use toward finding better treatments, clinical practices, prevention interventions and vaccine strategies, and look toward our eventual goal, the cure.

  • Clinical Care

    UCSF was the birthplace, in the early 1980s, of the San Francisco Model of comprehensive, compassionate HIV/AIDS care, a model that has been adopted around the world. We continue to set the standard for HIV clinical care, both in San Francisco and in our work internationally.

  • Education and Training

    The ARI places a high value on education and training of the next generation of leaders in HIV/AIDS research and care, both here at UCSF and through programs that extend nationally and internationally. We take seriously our commitment to share our scientific knowledge and breakthroughs with the rest of the world.

AIDS Research Institute

The AIDS Research Institute was established at UCSF in 1996 to coordinate and integrate all of the University’s HIV/AIDS clinical, education, and research activities. An “umbrella” to more than 50 programs and laboratories here and with our affiliated institutions, we stimulate innovation and support collaboration across scientific disciplines. We bring together hundreds of scientists to attack the epidemic from every angle, here and in scores of countries worldwide.

Learn more about UCSF's current HIV efforts and our presence at major conferences, our long history in the fight against HIV/AIDS, what we currently support in terms of trainees and investigators, and stay up to date on the most exciting emerging research

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