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AY23 ARI Diversity Scholar Award cycle now open - applications due December 16!

The program supports the retention of senior clinical/postdoctoral fellows and faculty in HIV whose work advances the ARI’s commitment to DEI. Learn more here!

UCSF Population Health and Health Equity Scholars RFA is Live - applications due November 30!

This program supports assistant professors conducting scholarship with potential population health impact, and ARI funds projects in the field of HIV. Learn more here!

ARI is recruiting for a new JFAR Co-Chair!

The new Co-Chair will work with current Co-Chair, UCSF Assistant Professor of Medicine Rachel Rutishauser, to organize ARI's JFAR training and ESI support agenda. Learn more and apply by June 10th here!

In wake of COVID, advocates for HIV care seek return to spotlight

UCSF Professor of Medicine, Monica Gandhi, and Director of Bridge HIV at SFDPH, Susan Buchbinder, are interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle regarding the need to refocus on improving access to HIV testing, preventive care and treatment, particularly due to dropping viral suppression rates during the COVID pandemic.

From AIDS to COVID: lessons and legacy

UCSF Professor and Chair of Medicine, Bob Wachter, is quoted by Marketplace regarding the similarities of the AIDS and COVID pandemics, including the importance of patient-centered and patient-driven activism to drive scientific agendas.

Long COVID more common in people with HIV

UCSF Professor of Medicine, Steve Deeks, is quoted by Aidsmap on a UCSF study that showed unvaccinated people with HIV were four times more likely than HIV-negative people to experience ‘long COVID’ symptoms after acute COVID-19 illness.

A Woman Is Cured of HIV Using a Novel Treatment

UCSF Professor of Medicine, Steve Deeks, is interviewed by the New York Times on the announcement of the third person ever to be cured of HIV, using a new transplant method involving umbilical cord blood.

HIV Research Infrastructure provides the backbone to prepare UCSF researchers for Long-COVID research

UCSF HIV faculty Michael Peluso, Steve Deeks, and Joanna Helmuth (among others) are profiled in UCSF Magazine on how they leveraged HIV research infrastructure and HIV research experience to study PASC/long-COVID.

Community-led trans-affirming care shown to improve PrEP uptake in trans communities

CAPS Director and UCSF Professor of Medicine, Jae Sevelius, and Associate Professor of Medicine, Erin Wilson, were interviewed by Aidsmap on their studies that showed trans-affirming clinics with community outreach significantly improved PrEP uptake in trans communities.

ARI announces new Biostatistical Support Program for HIV Early Stage Investigators!

In partnership with CTSI, eligible investigators can receive up to 20 hours of ARI-paid CTSI services in addition to the free consultation hour provided by CTSI. Learn more here!


An HIV-prevention drug is widely available. Yet at-risk women are getting left behind

UCSF Professor of Medicine, Judith Auerbach, is interviewed by National Geographic on the stigma of PrEP for women and other at-risk patients.

ARI announces new ARI Diversity Scholar Award - applications due January 19!

The program supports the retention of senior clinical/postdoctoral fellows and faculty in HIV whose work advances the ARI’s commitment to DEI. Learn more here!

Watch the Recording of UCSF's 2021 World AIDS Day Event!

A Tribute to Drs. Jay Levy and Paul Volberding from NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci and Spotlighting UCSF Leaders at the Forefront of the HIV Response. Watch the recording here!

Woman’s own immune system has possibly cured her of HIV

UCSF Professor of Medicine, Steven Deeks, is interviewed by NBC News on the Esperanza patient whose own immune system may have cured her of HIV.

The harm-reduction approach of the HIV/AIDS epidemic during COVID-19

CFAR Director and UCSF Professor of Medicine, Monica Gandhi, discusses the HIV/AIDS harm-reduction approach during the COVID-19 pandemic with the San Francisco Chronicle.

Treating Anal Cancer Precursor Lesions Reduces Cancer Risk for People With HIV

Lead investigator, Joel Palefsky, describes the results of the Anal Cancer/HSIL Outcomes Research (ANCHOR) study with UCSF News.

Arthur Ammann, UCSF physician, scientist, and HIV/AIDS advocate has passed away

Arthur Ammann, UCSF Professor of Medicine who discovered the transmissibility of HIV to infants, has passed away at 85. A celebration of life will be held in coming months.

PrEP continuum insufficient in populations at high risk for HIV

UCSF postdoctoral fellow, J. Carlo Hojilla, discusses the high rate of PrEP discontinuation in populations disproportionately impacted by HIV and the need to reassess the PrEP care continuum in an interview with Healio.

Announcing Diane Havlir, MD as Director of the UCSF AIDS Research Institute

Professor Diane Havlir named Director of the UCSF AIDS Research Institute (ARI).

Moderna set to begin clinical trials for an HIV vaccine

UCSF CFAR Director, Monica Gandhi, is interviewed by KRON4 on the first human trials of a HIV vaccine using mRNA technology.

Faster HIV testing turnaround improves HIV Care

Co-PI Vivek Jain describes the results of the RAPID-VL study, presented at IAS 2021, to UCSF News.

Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) More Likely to Fell Persons with HIV Infection

Co-investigator Priscilla Hsue discusses the results of the POST SCD study which showed that HIV-infected individuals are more than twice as likely to die from sudden cardiac death compared to the general population.

Could People Living With HIV Have Worse Outcomes From COVID-19, Even if Vaccinated?

UCSF CFAR Director, Monica Gandhi, is interviewed by The Body on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines for People Living with HIV (PLWH).

HIV after COVID: Anthony Fauci and an army of researchers seek to regain momentum

UCSF CFAR Director, Monica Gandhi, and UCSF Professor of Medicine, Steven Deeks, are interviewed by The Guardian on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on HIV care and research.

40 Years of AIDS in SF

Professor and Chair of Community Health Systems at UCSF School of Nursing Carol Dawson-Rose, CFAR Director Monica Gandhi, Professors Emeriti John and Deborah Greenspan, PhD candidate Antoine Johnson, Professor of Medicine Jay Levy, Clinical Nurse Specialist of the first AIDS unit at SFGH Cliff Morrison, HIV/AIDS activist and former ARI Communications lead Jeff Sheehy, and former ARI/CFAR Director Paul Volberding, reflect on the past 40 years of the HIV epidemic and its similarities to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic today.

Join us to Commemorate 40 Years of HIV and Take a Look at a Timeline of Key UCSF Contributions to HIV

ARI and CFAR leadership commemorate UCSF's contributions over the 40 years of AIDS.

Kaposi Sarcoma or IBD: HIV Screening Crucial in High-Risk Patients

UCSF gastroenterologist Kendall Beck discusses the need for HIV screening before starting immunosuppressive therapy in an interview with Gastroenterology and Endoscopy News.

AIDS Walk San Francisco is in its 35th year

UCSF CFAR Director, Monica Gandhi, and Foundation Board Member of AIDS Walk San Francisco, Robert Mansfield, are interviewed by ABC7 as AIDS Walk celebrates its 35th year.

HIV Self-Testing Improves Care Among Queer Men

UCSF CFAR Director, Monica Gandhi, discusses with The Body the importance of at-home HIV testing for patients reluctant to reengage with in-person medical care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Hip-Hop Led To Studying the Bay Area’s AIDS Epidemic

UCSF PhD Candidate, Antoine Johnson, discusses the intersection of healthcare in Black history and the impact of HIV/AIDS on the Bay Area Black community in a podcast produced by KQED.


Long-Lasting Anti-AIDS Meds Eliminate 'Psychic Toll' Of Daily Pill

UCSF CFAR Director, Monica Gandhi, discusses the perceived stigma of PrEP for HIV prevention in an interview with NPR.

How San Francisco’s AIDS Epidemic Response Prepared the City for COVID-19

UCSF CFAR Director, Monica Gandhi, and Division Chief of HIV/ID/GM, Diane Havlir, compare the parallels of the HIV/AIDS epidemic to the current challenges of COVID-19 and the impact on disproportionately affected marginalized groups.

AIDS 2020: UCSF Experts to Speak, Present at International Conference

UCSF hosts the bi-annual AIDS 2020 conference via a virtual format with notable presentations by Susan Buchbinder, chair Monica Gandhi, Diane Havlir, Catherine Koss, Marguerita Lightfoot, Carina Marquez, Hyman Scott, Paul Volberding, Sheri Weiser, and keynote speaker, Anthony Fauci.

Viruses, Immune System are Focus of Two New Research Institutes

Gladstone Institutes launches 2 new biomedical research institutes with UCSF faculty as lead researchers. Melanie Ott named as Senior Investigator of the Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology and Alex Marson named as Director of the Gladstone-UCSF Institute of Genomic Immunology.

Strategies for Disclosing HIV Status

Dr. Marguerita Lightfoot talks to WebMD about how to discuss one's HIV status with friends, family, and partners.

How People with Weakened Immune Systems Navigate the Coronavirus

Dr. Paul Volberding spoke to NPR about considerations for those with compromised immune systems.

Limited Information about COVID19 Impact on those Living with HIV

Data doesn't yet exist to understand how HIV status may impact HIV+ individuals, says Dr. Matt Spinelli, but there are recommendations.

COVID19 Adds Complications for Cancer Patients

Take extra care for those living with advanced cancer, explains Dr. Paul Volberding.

New First Line Therapy Recommendation Criticized by UCSF Expert

Dr. Monica Gandhi of the Division of HIV/ID warns against possible drug resistance and other concerns in an interview with the SF AIDS Foundation.

Recurring Syphilis Cases Call for New Strategies

ARI Director comments to Healio why the surge in reinfections occurs and how to prevent them.

FDA Rejection of Injectable Antiretroviral Treatment Likely a Technicality

Dr. Volberding talks to The Body Pro about reasons for denying the approval of the long-awaited advancement.

UCSF Pathology Professor Encourages Red Cross Pressure on the FDA Regarding Blood Donations

Speaking to Yahoo News, Dr. Brian Custer explains why outdated policies around gay men donating blood need to be updated.



Dr. Tim Henrich Assuages Concern Around New Strain of HIV

An interesting finding with likely little clinical significance, he explains to Salon.

A&U Features Mosaico Vaccine Trial Goals and Potential Outcomes

Dr. Susan Buchbinder spoke to the magazine about the global vaccine with a site here in San Francisco.

ARI Director Offers Insight into New Latency Findings

Healio features Dr. Paul Volberding's perspective on virus latency findings recently released in Science Translational Medicine.

ID Week Coverage Highlights UCSF Experts' Commentary on Novel HIV Therapies

Two-drug therapy and long-acting injectables dominated coverage from ARI experts.

UCSF Physician Scientist Steve Deeks Speaks to the "San Francisco Patient"

Dr. Deeks describes Loreen Willenberg, an elite controller of the virus, as impossible to forget.

AIDS2020 Press Conference Kicks off Registration, Featuring Co-Chair Dr. Monica Gandhi

Welcoming attendees to the Bay Are next summer, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congresswoman Barbara Lee touched upon the history of HIV in the SF and Oakland.

Grindr Poses Great Prevention Opportunity for App Users

CFAR Director Dr. Monica Gandhi notes that the app can be a way to reach particularly vulnerable populations at risk for HIV.

Dr. Volberding Weighs in on Adult Film Industry's Safety Frameworks

ARI Director says viral load suppression and PrEP makes separate testing protocols and limitations unnecessary for HIV-positive performers.

Breakthrough HIV Vaccine Trial led by UCSF-DPH Physician Highlighted by LA Times

Dr. Susan Buchbinder details how the Phase 3 trial rolls out during a critical point in the fight against the epidemic.

Amid Pricing Concerns for Descovy, ARI Director Weighs In

More options for PrEP, including generics, benefit those with a range of insurance plans, says Dr. Volberding.

SFDPH Physician and UCSF Professor Dr. Susan Buchbinder Discusses a Phase 3 Vaccine Trial

The trial, starting in September, will enroll 3,800 participants in San Francisco.

Senior Fellow in Division of HIV Reveals Major Disparity in Mortality for Homeless Recently Diagnosed HIV-positive

Dr. Matt Spinelli shows a 27-fold greater risk of dying for those without housing following HIV diagnosis.

NPR's Fresh Air Talks to Leaders of SF General and UCSF's Pioneering AIDS Ward

Nurse Cliff Morrison and Dr. Paul Volberding discuss the film '5B' as it highlights the pioneering model of care founded in San Francisco.

As Pride Month Begins in San Francisco, Volberding Reflects on the Early Days

Recalling the emergence of AIDS in 1980s SF, ARI Director is celebrated as a pioneer in the field.

Good News for PrEP Users about Bone Density Found by UCSF Researchers

Though loss of density can occur with regular use, discontinuation reverses the trend - one of many findings of a multi-country study led by Dr. Michael Spinelli.

NPR Features Expert Panel Led by UCSF and DPH Physicians Recommends Wider Use of PrEP

Dr. Hyman Scott talks to All Things Considered about increasing availability and uptake of the drug to prevent new HIV transmission in high-risk groups.

Aging with HIV Poses Different Challenges, says ARI Director

Cardiovascular disease manifesting in those with HIV should receive increased attention, notes Dr. Paul Volberding in an interview with Reuters.

Long-Term Survivors Featured in Second Installment of Medscape TV Series

Staying Golden, a three part series focused on aging persons living with HIV celebrates the work of Drs. Meredith Greene, Steve Deeks, and Monica Gandhi in the UCSF Golden Compass program and pays special tribute to one of our longest patient relationships.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies Launches AIDS2020 Podcast with co-chair Monica Gandhi

Dr. Gandhi in discussion with Dr. Steve Morrison underscores the importance and significance of bringing the conference back to the Bay Area.

AIDS2020 Seeks State Support for the 23rd International AIDS Conference

Bay Area Reporter details the rationale for State Senator Scott Wiener's appeal for $2 million in support from California for AIDS2020.

If Half of Those Living with HIV are Women, Why are the Vast Majority of Research Participants Men?

Dr. Gandhi explains the importance of involving women in groundbreaking HIV clinical trials to the New York Times.

What Can we Learn from Those Naturally Resistant to HIV?

Steve Deeks talks to Smithsonian about the key points on the virus that are weak to immune system attacks and can lead to potential vaccines or cure.

Director Dr. Paul Volberding and Ward86 Medical Director Dr. Monica Gandhi Discuss Evolution of UCSF Leadership in the Field

In interviews with Carry the One radio, Volberding and Gandhi showcase UCSF's influence from day 1 to today.

ARI Fellow Links Impact of Homelessness to Frequency of Acute Care Visits for those Living with HIV

Dr. Angelo Clemenzi-Allen talked to Healio about unstable housing and those seeking care in San Francisco.

JAMA Editorial Highlight Rise in STIs Among MSM Taking PrEP Profiled by MedPage Today

Dr. Monica Gandhi cautioned against interpreting these results in isolation.

Answering Essential Questions about Antiretrovirals in Pregnancy

In her profile at CROI, Dr. Monica Gandhi discusses what we still need to learn about pregnant women taking antiretroviral medication.

San Francisco's Model of Getting to Zero Continues to Lead the Nation in Reduction of Infections, Death, and Stigma

The LA Times profiled the work of the UCSF Division of HIV and the San Francisco General Hospital as they lead the country in efforts fighting the epidemic.

UCSF Investigator Sends Clarion Call for Ending TB

Dr. Mike Reid Tells MedPage Today that ending tuberculosis is in reach by 2045.

London Patient Indicates we are 'On the Right Track,' says Dr. Tim Henrich

In an interview with MedPage Today, Henrich dissects the key outcomes of the remission case and how it can influence cure research moving forward.

As World TB Day Looms, the Lancet Commission Emerges with UCSF Leadership

Drs. Eric Goosby and Mike Reid were key players in the commission, and global outlets such as the UK Telegraph, France 24, and Global Health Now highlighted their exceptional insight.

Golden Compass Serving Senior HIV Populations Profiled in Medscape TV

Drs. Steve Deeks, Monica Gandhi, and Meredith Greene discuss the clinical issues facing HIV populations and how UCSF supports the unique population.

NY Times References the Trauma-Informed Care Services of the UCSF Women's HIV Program Clinic

After being profiled in Health Affairs, the Times further highlights the importance of the work of Dr. Eddy Machtinger and team.

UCSF Investigators' Insights into Second 'Cure' Heavily Referenced at CROI 2019

Dominating coverage of this year's Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections was news of the second patient to be reportedly cured of HIV. Before, during, and after the meeting, clinician-researchers spoke to the NY Times, CNN, MedPage Today, Healio, Wired, NPR, the SF Chronicle, and ABC News.

Researchers and Clinicians Look to UCSF Experts' Findings Exploring ART for Pregnant Women

Healio interviewed Dr. Monica Gandhi about her work presented at CROI looking to better understand how antiretroviral therapy affects pregnant women.

UCSF Global Health Experts Advise on Circumcision's Impact on HIV Transmission

In response to a new Netflix documentary opposing the procedure, Drs. Craig Cohen and George Rutherford spoke to MedPage Today about the benefits of voluntary male medical circumcision.

Pharmaceutical Commerce Highlights Insights from UCSF Investigators' Cure and PrEP Research

Dr. Steve Deeks spoke about advances in cure research, while Dr. Hyman Scott discussed PrEP successes and challenges.


Dr. Satish Pillai Addresses the Status of Cure Research with the Guardian

Referencing the "holy grail" for HIV, Dr. Pillai details how close we are to a cure.

ARI Director Speaks to China Gene-Editing Study with HIV Prevention Potential

Dr. Paul Volberding admitted to both ethical and research transparency concerns regarding the world's first gene-edited babies.

At HIV Glasgow, Dr. Deeks Talks Cure Strategy

MedPage Today highlights the combination approach needed to achieve the ultimate goal.

Drs. Greene, Deeks, and Volberding Talk HIV Cure Progress in SF Business Times

The interdisciplinary nature of the current cure research and clinical trial were emphasized by the three members of the amfAR Institute for HIV Cure Research.

Eric Goosby, UN Special Envoy on TB Discusses Importance of High-Level Meeting

The first UN high-level meeting dedicated to tuberculosis is key to spurring action in reducing TB rates, former Global AIDS Ambassador and PEPFAR coordinator Dr. Goosby tells WHO.

HIV Disparities Highlighted in California Health Report

Despite significant strides in reducing new HIV infections, troubling disparities remain, says Dr. Katerina Christopoulos.

Healio Features UCSF Food Insecurity and Inflammation in HIV+ Women Research

Drs. Sheri Weiser and Anna Leddy discussed their findings that HIV-positive individuals are more likely to experience food insecurity and related inflammation.

amfAR Institute Community Advisory Board Chair Profiled

Jeff Taylor, longtime community advocate and leader of the amfAR Institute for HIV Cure Research CAB is featured by amfAR's In the Community series.

UCSF Investigators and Interventions Featured Twice in Latest Issue of Annals of Internal Medicine

Dr. Anthony Fauci referenced Ward 86's RAPID program in his editorial, while a paper detailing U.S. viral suppression trends highlighted the CFAR CNICS program.

MedPage Today Highlights Work of 11 UCSF Researchers in Video Interviews at IAC 2018

The media channel showcased the work of leading clinicians at the International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam.

Golden Compass Shines in A&U

The magazine showcased the essential services Golden Compass offers for seniors living with HIV.

Healthline Promotes Buchbinder Participation in Vaccine Trial

The online news magazine quotes Dr. Buchbinder's reflections on the global network of researchers working towards a cure.

NPR Explores UCSF Food Insecurity Research

WBUR, Boston's NPR affiliate, spoke with Sheri Weiser about her work on food insecurity for those living with HIV.

Dr. Susan Buchbinder Speaks to Promising Results of HIV-1 Vaccine Trial

As co-chair of the phase IIb efficacy trial for the APPROACH study, Dr. Buchbinder highlighted in MedPage Today the promising foundation the results offer.

Division of Experimental Medicine's Tim Henrich Offers Insight on Treg Study

Dr. Henrich warned against extrapolating causation from correlation in MedPage Today in regards to study exploring Treg cells' potential role in preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV.

NY Times Cites Dr. Paul Volberding in Discussion about PrEP Uptake Leading to Condom Use Decrease

The ARI Director commented on risk of other STIs as recent study shows condom use falling in Australia with the increase in PrEP use.

Dr. Peter Hunt Illuminates How "Public" T-Cell Receptors Fight HIV

The Scientist quotes Dr. Hunt's insight into how these receptors may forge a new path in immunotherapy.

CAPS Director Dr. Marguerita Lightfoot Talks to the New York Times about Outdated HIV in the Military Policies

In underscoring how the one pill a day regimen makes controlling the virus very easy, Lightfoot highlighted that stigma is what continues to drive discriminatory policies.

Steven Deeks Explains Sleeper Cells

Dr. Deeks discusses how HIV persists in the body with Nature Medicine.

ARI Director Dr. Paul Volberding Comments on Status of HIV Basic Science Research

In talking to MedPage Today, Volberding notes the difficulties and promises in the field.

SCOPE Program Director Rebecca Hoh, RD, Wins 2018 Holly Smith Award

The award is given to leaders exemplifying UCSF's mission - for 15 years, Hoh has advanced and integrated clinical HIV research at UCSF.

Dr. Paul Volberding Featured on UC Podcast Series "One Bold Idea"

The HIV physician was profiled for the pioneering work of Ward 86 in the 1980s, and its current status as one of the leading HIV clinics in the world.

Time Magazine Showcases HIV Cure Research Insight of UCSF's Dr. Steven Deeks

Underscoring what HIV researchers are learning from the oncology field, Dr. Deeks' expertise was quoted extensively.

UCSF and Gladstone Investigator Dr. Nadia Roan Featured on NIH Director's Blog

Dr. Roan, with appointments at both UCSF and Gladstone, has her work and micrograph imagery highlighted on Dr. Francis Collins' blog.

AIDS Map Highlights Dr. Monica Gandhi's Study Measuring ARV Levels in Hair

Presented at CROI, Dr Gandhi's research can revolutionize tracking treatment adherence. The work was also covered in MedPage Today.

Daily Mail Promoted Dr. Steve Yukl's Groundbreaking Latency Study

The British periodical celebrated Yukl and team's new findings about how HIV hides in the body.

Dr. Judy Auerbach Speaks to Recent HIV and Depression Research

In talking to Reuters, Auerbach underscores needs for HIV care to incorporate more than ART.

UCSF and Gladstone Investigator Dr. Nadia Roan Profiled in SF Business Times

Highlighting her basic science training and projects, Roan was honored as a woman leading in life sciences in the Bay Area.

Dr. Bob Wachter Talks to Dr. Paul Volberding about the History of HIV at UCSF

On UCTV, Dr. Volberding details his personal and professional history within the University.

Dr. Monica Gandhi Comments to NPR about Once a Week HIV Treatment Study

In talking to NPR, the Medical Director of Ward 86 addressed treatment adherence as a key difficulty in HIV care.



Louisville Courier-Journal Cites Volberding Perspective on HIV Emergence in Opioid Crisis

Dr. Volberding speaks to how the diminishing visibility of HIV in the public eye, and assumptions of the incidence and prevalence of the virus, drive infections.

Leading Physician-Researchers Comment on CDC 'Word Ban'

ARI Director Dr. Paul Volberding was quoted by MedPage discussing the importance of communication with populations at highest-risk for some diseases.

Getting to Zero Consortium Highlights Progress on World AIDS Day

The Bay Area Reporter was at the event, which emphasized the message that "undetectable equals untransmittable."

Bay Area Reporter Covers 2017 Cure Summit

The press also detailed findings from Drs. Deeks and Henrich about early treatment impacting the size of the reservoir.

KQED Science Offers Hopeful Profile from 2017 Cure Summit

Highlighting the narrative of the ART treatment interrupted patient of Drs. Deeks and Henrich, KQED showcases the positive gains in HIV research made at November's Summit.

amfAR Recaps the 2017 Cure Summit

Detailing the major themes of the conference and showcasing its diversity, amfAR reports on the Summit's success.

A&U: America's AIDS Magazine Reports on 2017 Cure Summit

The article covered some of the challenges and victories - both social and scientific - discussed by the cure investigators at the November event.

Drs. Warner Greene and Judy Auerbach Comment on NIH Funding in HuffPo World AIDS Day Piece

Both the basic scientist and social scientist noted that in light of the NIH funding crisis and political decisions, the scientific HIV community is at risk and unfortunately competing with other industries for valuable money.

Dr. Steve Deeks in WAD PLOS Medicine Special Edition Editorial

Dr. Deeks, of the Division of HIV, Infectious Diseases, and Global Medicine, crafts an editorial in PLOS Medicine's special issue, Advances in HIV Prevention, Treatment and Cure, which he also guest edited. Read his and fellow guest editors' thoughts on nearing the end of AIDS on the PLOS Med site.

UCSF Global Health Works to End HIV in Tanzania

The Global Strategic Information group at UCSF IGHS manages large-scale surveillance to learn what drives the epidemic. Learn more at IGHS News.

Dr. Diane Havlir Wins Duke University Medical School 2017 Distinguished Alumna Award

UCSF Chief of the Division of HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease, and Global Health receives award from her alma mater. Read about it on the Duke website.

UCSF Launches Capital Campaign and Highlights UCSF HIV Researchers and Clinicians

The campaign highlights the innovative work of UCSF teams, and celebrates the work of many of our HIV experts. At 2017's State of the University Address, UCSF's work towards eradicating HIV was also lauded.

PBS NewsHour Series on Ending AIDS Featuring UCSF HIV Faculty Experts Wins National Emmy

Ending AIDS highlights work being done domestically and abroad by UCSF investigators. Watch the clip of the award for Science, Medical, and Environmental Reporting.

HIV Medicine Association Honors Dr. Monica Gandhi as 2017 Clinical Educator and Research Leader

Dr. Gandhi is an internationally recognized clinician and educator who weaves teaching and mentoring into all aspects of her work. Read about this honor on the HIVMA site.

UCSF HIV Clinician Dr. Edward Machtinger Reframes HIV to Psychology Today

On National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, the women's health, HIV, and trauma expert discusses the virus as a symptom of the results of trauma.

ARI Director Dr. Paul Volberding Talks to Rochester Post-Bulletin About Career in HIV

Detailing how he started his medical training in oncology and its development into his HIV expertise, he highlights the excitement around a cure. Read the whole article here.

New Funding Partnership for Reduced HIV Therapies Under Threat from U.S. Budget Cuts

ARI Director of Strategic Communications and Partnerships Dr. Larkin Callaghan and Division of HIV Clinical Fellow Dr. Mike Reid comment to the Independent on the importance of continued funding for HIV care abroad.

Aggressive Prevention Pays Off as New HIV Infections in SF Hit a Record Low

The San Francisco Chronicle highlights the work of multiple UCSF physicians as they report on decreasing HIV infections in the city.

UCSF HIV Researchers and Clinicians Work on Food Insecurity For Those with HIV in San Francisco

A team at ZSFGH led by Dr. Sheri Weiser and Dr. Kartika Palar focus on "food as medicine" for populations in need. Read the full story here.

Cutting U.S. Foreign Aid for HIV Would Cost Lives, Without Much Savings

Drs. Diane Havlir and Eric Goosby talk to Reuters about the costs for funding and their impact on new infections. Read the full story here.

Amy Lockwood Discusses New Threats to Global Health and the Role of Philanthropy

Lockwood's keynote at the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Program on Global Politics and Security, was part of The Stockholm Act, a weeklong festival that brings together people from art, science, politics and business to explore the steps we can take to build a sustainable world. The whole keynote can be viewed on their site.

Drs. Paul Volberding and Peter Chin-Hong Comment to Healio about the Impact of Global Aid Cuts

Both physicians highlighted the impact that slashing foreign aid would have on HIV transmission and care after an Annals of Internal Medicine article laid out alternative HIV cutback strategies. Dr. Volberding also spoke to MedPage Today, and Dr. Eric Goosby to Medscape, about the prospects.

Dr. Monica Gandhi Explains the Meaning of 'Undetectable'

UCSF Professor of Medicine and ZSFGH Medical Director of Ward 86 talks to Everyday Health about what it means to be undetectable and offers some key prevention reminders.

UCSF at IAS2017

UCSF brings strong showing to the 2017 International AIDS Conference. Read the details of our investigators' work presented here.

ARI Director Dr. Paul Volberding Featured in Documentary "HIV & AIDS Research - Its History and Future"

The film covers a meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory featuring some of the most prominent HIV researchers and clinicians in the world. Watch the video here.

UCSF Raises Over $100,000 for AIDS Walk SF 2017

Some of the funds will contribute to the UCSF Golden Compass program - read more at UCSF.

Every Step Forward: AIDS "Getting to Zero"

In Dr. Dan Lowenstein's Executive Vice Chancellor newsletter, he gives an overview of the current work being done by some of our leading investigators, including Drs. Paul Volberding, Diane Havlir, and Jay Levy.

UNAIDS Test and Treat Goals Surpassed in East Africa, Thanks to UCSF Researchers

Dr. Diane Havlir leads the highly reputable SEARCH study, which uses community-based interventions to double rates of viral load suppression in the region. The full story is in JAMA and at UCSF.

UCSF Performs Pioneering Transplant Surgery from HIV+ Donor to HIV+ Recipient

Dr. Peter Stock fought to overturn laws prohibiting such transplant surgeries in order to perform California's first procedure for HIV-positive donor and recipient. Read more at UCSF.

Is There HIV in My Brain? UCSF Neurologist Dr. Joanna Hellmuth Fills Us in

Dr. Hellmuth talks to BetaBlog about how the virus works in the brain.

Diane Havlir on Nearing the End of HIV/AIDS

Dr. Havlir spoke about SF's coordinated efforts at Fortune’s Brainstorm Health Conference on May 2. Read the full story on UCSF.

Jeff Sheehy, of UCSF AIDS Research Institute, Appointed as San Francisco Supervisor

Read the full story on UCSF.


HIV Cure Summit

Watch the community update on progress toward an HIV cure, featuring ARI researchers, here.

Getting to Zero World AIDS Day Event

Miss Getting to Zero's consortium meeting on December 1? Read about it here.

CAPS Turns 30

UCSF's Center for AIDS Prevention conducts cutting-edge prevention research to help end the AIDS epidemic.

UCSF Is Top Team for AIDS Walk

UCSF topped all fundraising teams for AIDS Walk San Francisco 2016, and ZSFG's Ward 86 gets $100K in proceeds. See the full story.

UCTV Profile of Diane Havlir

The work of one of the ARI's leaders is highlighted in a UCTV-produced video entitled Diane Havlir: SEARCHing for the End of AIDS.

Women's HIV Program Highlighted

The Commonwealth Fund publication Transforming Care further highlights the innovative trauma-informed work being done at the Women's HIV Program at UCSF.
Q&A about WHP's trauma-informed care
Overview on trauma's impact on health

AIDS 2016 Conference

UCSF scientists continue to be on the cutting edge of HIV/AIDS research. Read about their contributions to the AIDS 2016 conference in Durban, South Africa here.

The End of AIDS?

A new PBS Newshour series profiles initiatives that are working to end the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Watch how UCSF is involved in this bold mission here.

Reducing HIV Disparities in California

The California HIV/AIDS Research Program (CHRP) is funding 3 collaborations to reduce disparities in HIV prevention, testing and treatment in California. Read more here.

Countdown to a Cure

Spurred by three decades of momentum and fresh funding, scientists mount a major effort to finally defeat AIDS. Read the UCSF Magazine story here.

Feature on HIV Survivors

They outlived an epidemic, but San Francisco’s AIDS survivors are still fighting for their lives. Read the SF Chronicle's feature, "Last Men Standing," here.

UCSF Women's Program Featured

The UCSF Women's Program led by Dr. Edward Machtinger offers trauma-centered care to address the full range of issues impacting women living with HIV. Read the SF Chronicle article here.

UCSF Is Well Represented at CROI

View a compilation of UCSF talks and poster presentations at the 2016 CROI (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections) in Boston here.


$20M Grant from amfAR Funds HIV Cure Research

With $20 million over five years, the amfAR Institute for HIV Cure Research will support the work of scientists at UCSF, Gladstone, Blood Systems Research Institute and other partners at the forefront of the effort to cure AIDS. News story | Video

KQED on UCSF's Search for a Cure

Dr. Paul Volberding is featured in the KQED News story A Cure for AIDS: Scientists Say It's "On the Horizon" by Lindsey Hoshaw.

Women's HIV Program to Participate in Trauma-Informed Care Initiative

Advancing Trauma-Informed Care is a national initiative aimed at understanding how health care settings can implement trauma-informed approaches to improve patient outcomes and decrease costs. Press release

PBS Covers Getting to Zero

PBS Newshour highlights efforts of the Getting to Zero Consortium in San Francisco in the video story San Francisco bolsters anti-AIDS campaign with new funding.

HIV/AIDS Research Priorities at NIH

See the slides from this recent talk by Dr. Judith Auerbach.

Getting to Zero in SF

The New York Times ran this story about our efforts as part of the citywide Getting to Zero consortium. Full story