Biostatistical Support Program

In partnership with the UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), eligible investigators can receive up to 20 hours of CTSI biostatistical services paid by ARI in addition to the free consultation hour provided by CTSI.

Who is Eligible?

  • HIV Early Stage Investigators at UCSF and affiliated institutions to include: Graduate Students, Residents, Clinical Fellows, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Assistant Professors/Instructors
  • Projects must be clearly HIV-related

How do I apply?

  • Submit a request at by clicking the “Request Consultation” button and following the below steps. (If your browser gives a security warning, click “Advanced” and then click the “Proceed to” Login either as UCSF or non-UCSF to request a consultation.)
  1. Page 1: Contacts: Please fill in the fields with your project information. Use the “add more consultation participants or administrative contacts” button to add Joseph Watabe ([email protected]) as an additional Administrative contact
  2. Page 2: Project details: Please complete the form. In the field “One-word project nickname,” use the naming convention “ARI:(nickname)”
  3. Page 3: Finance:
    1. Select fund source: non-industry;
    2. Select payment option: “Anticipate free hour only or are uncertain”/ “Plan to pay with UCSF funding but not sure which fund will be used at this time” (ARI will provide funding information to CTSI directly)
  4. Page 4: Review & Submit: Please make sure you added Joseph Watabe as administrative contact and that your project nickname contains the ARI prefix, and that all your other fields are correct. Then click submit. You’ll receive an email confirmation shortly.
  • Please email ARI admin at [email protected] if your project is anticipated to exceed the 20-hour limit and would require an extension request. This program is only available while resources last, so extensions are not guaranteed to be granted.

CTSI Guidelines

  1. Please schedule the initial analysis meeting to be eight weeks before the first presentation of results. The study protocol, data collection forms, and data set should be sent to the consultant prior to the meeting. Please determine if the data is ready for analysis, or if the data needs to be further prepared. Please review the linked ‘Abbreviated Data Instructions’ document for researchers to determine if the data is ready for analysis.
  • Please also schedule follow-up consultations once data collection is complete. Following billable hours (2) are to create the analysis plan and go over results at the end of the project
  • Analysts should be used for any of parts of the project that require any data analysis, even if the analysis is relatively trivial

Program Requirements

  • Investigators who have used CTSI resources through the ARI program will be required to complete a final evaluation that includes hours and services used.
  • UCSF AIDS Research Institute biostatistical support must be acknowledged on any publications resulting from this program.

We are excited about this new collaboration with CTSI and the potential to provide their resources to our investigators. If you have any questions regarding using this ARI/CTSI program, please contact Joseph Watabe at [email protected].