Junior Faculty AIDS Researchers

The Junior Faculty AIDS Researchers (JFAR) was established in 2005 by the ARI to support early-career HIV/AIDS scientists. We recognized that networking and support were critical to the success of junior faculty conducting research on HIV/AIDS, often isolated in varied disciplines and dispersed over multiple locations. JFAR is run by two co-chair members of the group,  Caravella McCuistian, PhD, MA and Rebecca Abelman, MD. JFAR comprises some 130 assistant-level faculty, post-doctoral/clinical fellows and interns from throughout UCSF.

JFAR organizes events appealing to the group's specific needs. Some are centered on specific skills-building; others are more socially oriented, focused on networking, planting seeds for collaboration and learning from each other. JFAR offers members support in advancing their careers while maintaining work-life balance, and the co-chairs advocate on behalf of the group as members of the ARI Leadership Committee.


To learn more about JFAR and upcoming events, please contact Dr. McCuistian.