ARI Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship

Liegler Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship


The UCSF AIDS Research Institute (ARI) is pleased to sponsor the annual teaching and mentoring award, now named the Liegler Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship. The award is to recognize individuals with an official appointment at UCSF who have shown extraordinary service and commitment toward advancing the scientific development and early careers of junior faculty, post-doctoral fellows, residents, interns, and/or students working in the field of HIV/AIDS at UCSF. Candidates for the Liegler Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship should be individuals who have proven exceptional in their commitment to teaching and mentoring, and in their ability to stimulate, nurture, and inspire young minds.

Award amount is $5,000 for one year and can be used for unrestricted purposes including salary, equipment, supplies, and travel, to benefit the recipient’s teaching and mentoring needs.

The award honors the legacy of Teri Liegler, PhD, professor in the UCSF Division of HIV, ID and Global Medicine. Dr. Liegler was admired not only for her fierce intellect, but also for her dedication to mentoring and molding emerging investigators and physicians. She served as the Director of the Laboratory of Clinical Virology based at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital for many years, where researchers and their work flourished under her guidance. As a member of the AIDS Research Institute Executive Committee, Dr. Liegler helped shape the trajectory of HIV priority areas at the University, and guided considerations that would most positively impact the HIV community of UCSF. Her inspiring legacy, impressive scholarship, and selfless nature will forever be remembered.

2020 Awardess

The 2020 Liegler Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship has been jointly awarded to Mallory Johnson, PhD and Priscilla Hsue, MD. ARI is grateful for their continued leadership and the inspiration and guidance they offer to trainees across the university. Thank you and congratulations, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Hsue!

2019 Awardees

The 2019 Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship was granted to Tor Neilands and Satish Pillai.

Drs. Tor Neilands and Satish Pillai

2018 Winners

The 2018 Award for Outstanding Teaching and Mentorship has been granted to both Edwin Charlebois, PhD, MPH, and Melanie Ott, MD, PhD.